MA to CNA Bridge Program


For Certified Medical Assistants

Are you a medical assistant looking to expand your skillset in healthcare? The CNA bridge may be exactly what you are looking for. Getting your CNA certification can open up previous job possibilities not currently available to you as a medical assistant. When you complete our MA to CNA Bridge program at Blossom Nursing Academy it will set you up to take the state exam to get your certification.

What is a bridge program?

At its core a bridge program are partnerships between universities that recognize previous experience in a field of study. These fields of study (ie: healthcare) have similar education training or background. This “bridge” allows a student to expand on their previous education and providing they pass the required exams and show technical prowess in their field then they will be granted extra certification.


Disclaimer: Included in the course price is the cost of online transaction fees (2.9% + $0.30) through our secure payment gateway.

Registration Form Here

Fill out the above PDF in order to complete the initial registration process. This form can be emailed to: After this form and the payment has been completed, head to our location to fill out enrollment papers and receive your books.