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CNA Training Program

This accelerated learning program sets our students up to take the state exam and become Certified Nursing Assistants. We teach compassionate care to our students in order to set them up for success in the medical field as it’s important to have the baseline CNA experience. If you’re looking to start your career in the healthcare field this is the starting point!

Medical Assistant BRIDGE to CNA

Are you already a medical assistant looking to further your career? Look no further than Blossom Nursing Academy’s Medical Assistant Alternative Bridge Program to CNA program! Open up more job opportunities with the extra certification!


Special Programs

Our special programs cover a wide range of topics and skills needed in the medical field. From CPR training to mental health and dementia classes for Homecare Aid Training Blossom has the tools at your disposal in order to fulfill a long term career in healthcare. 



Our Mission

Stepping into Blossom training facilities opens up the world of healthcare to our students. Our mission is to provide students with the CNA certifications and skills to further develop their careers as doctors, medical assistants, nurses, and more. Whether you are just starting your healthcare journey or already have expertise, Blossom healthcare will guide you step by step towards your professional goals. You can and will touch many lives when you desire to care for someone that needs your help. 

Our Training Program

Our three week intense training program provides classroom instruction in Basic Patient Care, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Activities of Daily Living, Infection Control and more. With a variety of extra focuses, our program allows you to flesh out the career path you want to take when becoming a Nursing Assistant. When you complete the training at Blossom Nursing Academy and pass our exam, you qualify to take the OBRA competency written and clinical exam.

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Blossom Nursing Academy is located at 24437 Russell Rd #108, Kent, WA 98032. We have been proudly serving the Pugent Sound area since 2010. Come visit and receive the essential programs you need!

Based on 35 reviews
Famida Mohamed
Famida Mohamed
I had a fun learning experience.thank you so much We appreciate you lots
Clarenda Clarete
Clarenda Clarete
I had an amazing experience while studying in this school. I highly recommend this school!!
Dibora Wordofa
Dibora Wordofa
This was the best training school I’ve ever attended; I had a great time throughout the training, and I must add that the instructor, Doris, is a wonderful and motivating person who is also an excellent teacher. They constantly make sure we learn what we need to know, Thank you Blossom.
olaniyi neematallahi
olaniyi neematallahi
This is one of the best CNA training program so far. I'm so glad I chose blossom, I passed both my written and skill state exam at my first try. Thank you so much dorris.
George Mwangi
George Mwangi
I take this opportunity to thank my tutors at Blossom College for the good work during my training. I highly recommend the college to any upcoming students. I passed my exams without struggling. Good Job
Rose Wambui
Rose Wambui
I really enjoyed learning here. I love the way the class is taught and makes it easy for one to understand. My instructor was a very nice lady, her name is Geri. Doris is very pleasant and good at her work. And yes, I passed both my skills and written tests. Thank you Doris.
Alena Michalek
Alena Michalek
November 17th I took CPR class at Blossom Nursing School at Kent. I liked today's afternoon spent at the CPR class. Thaddeus is very knowledgeable, experience and skill a firefighter, now an instructor and a teacher. He is one of the best teacher I ever had.
Lester Jush Quitoriano
Lester Jush Quitoriano
I’m glad I decided to enroll at this program. The content wasn’t too bad, but Jerry teaches the content very easy and is straightforward. Also, Doris gives a very detail step by step on what do for clinical part of the exam - just do exactly what she tells you to do and you’ll pass the exam. Blossom is definitely one of the best CNA school out there. With their help, I passed both written and skill part of the state exam in August 2021. The cost you pay at this school is definitely worth it and is way cheaper compared to other CNA school.
Gizework Mamuye
Gizework Mamuye
Blossom health care is the best place to chose! Doris thank you so much. you are the best teacher ever. Your way of teaching helped me pass my state exam the first time . Thank you 🙏

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