Licensure & Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners

These preferred partners have been known to help with tuition costs with our students in the past. If you need help with tution to kick start your career in healthcare. Start by looking below!

“WorkSource is a statewide partnership of government, education, and community organizations that offers a unique resource for businesses and job seekers: a “one-stop” for career development and human resources support. WorkSource incorporates employment services, skills training, and community services all in one package.

WorkSource is a proud partner of the AmericanJobCenter® network and part of our nation’s broader Public Workforce System supporting the CareerOneStop®  website for the U.S. Department of Labor serving job seekers, businesses, students, and career advisors. WorkSource Seattle-King County is your dedicated local support partner.”

“An inclusive and thriving community transformed by racial and gender equity, with peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all people.


YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women.


A healthy community transformed by racial and gender equity, where women and girls of color have equal access to opportunity, and there is social justice for all people.


When the barriers of institutional and structural racism are broken down, everyone will benefit. Because BIPOC women have been historically marginalized and excluded, their voices must be centered in this work. When people are confident in their inherent strength and communities are valued and self-directed, they are empowered. We must stand together across lines of difference with courage, compassion, and commitment to transform our community.”

“Their mission is to provide comprehensive vocational assistance services for all job seekers regardless of personal circumstances, to match qualified candidates to appropriate job openings, and to increase the vocational skills of Western Washington job seekers and employees to meet the emerging need of employers. Through our work, we hope to positively affect the lives of individuals, the local labor market, employee productivity, and the economic strength of our regional employers. We strive to assist all disadvantaged job seekers, including disabled, veteran, homeless, public benefit recipients, Limited English Proficient (LEP), low-basic skills, illiterate, mature workers (55+), minority (including race, ethnicity, and religion), and long-term unemployed. It is our goal to maintain diversity in funding that allows us to serve all job seekers and employers equally, without ever having to refuse services. We envision our work as an integrated and integral part of the local labor market service initiatives put forth by all regional funders, workforce development agencies, government entities, and community based organizations. We strive to weave our services into the fabric of assistance models existing within Western Washington and collaborate with other service providers to ensure all-inclusive services. We achieve these goals by training job seekers in emergent labor market sectors, while respecting vocational diversity and customer choice.”


Our academy is licensed by these institutions. 


“As a Department we are tied together by a single mission: to transform lives. Each administration within DSHS has a refined focus on this mission. Individually we have the following missions:
Aging and Long-term Support Administration – to transform lives by promoting choice, independence and safety through innovative services.
Behavioral Health Administration – to transform lives by supporting sustainable recovery, independence and wellness.
Developmental Disabilities Administration – to transform lives by creating partnerships that empower people.
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – to transform lives by assisting individuals with disabilities to fully participate in their communities through meaningful employment.
Economic Services Administration – to transform lives by empowering individuals and families to thrive.
Financial Services Administration – to transform lives by promoting sound management of Department resources.
Office of the Secretary – to transform lives by helping those who serve succeed.”

Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board

“Washington’s Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board (Workforce Board) is a Governor-appointed partnership of labor, business and government that is dedicated to helping Washington residents obtain and succeed in family-wage jobs, while meeting employers’ needs for skilled workers. The agency was created by the Washington Legislature in 1991. Click here to read the law creating and governing the Workforce Board.”

Washington State Department of Revenue

The Department of Revenue is Washington state’s primary tax agency, nationally recognized for innovation and quality customer service. Revenue administers about 60 categories of taxes that help fund education, social services, health care, corrections, public safety, natural resource conservation, and other important services counted on by Washington residents. Find out more about what we do.