CNA Training Program


Our accelerated CNA training program is taught with state testing and patient care as the number one priority. This 3 week learning program assists you with in class hours the first two weeks and a 40 hour clinical work week of employment or volunteering to help with job placement. This ensure our future CNAs are ready to thrive in a working medical environment. When our CNAs graduate the program at Blossom Nursing Academy, they are doing so with the knowledge to take and pass the state test to get their certification.


Disclaimer: Included in the course price is the cost of online transaction fees (2.9% + $0.30) through our secure payment gateway.

Registration Form Here

Fill out the above PDF in order to complete the initial registration process. This form can be emailed to: After this form and the payment has been completed, head to our location to fill out enrollment papers and receive your books.